A car accident is an extremely traumatic and overwhelming experience, and the injuries associated with it can be painful, debilitating and stressful for those affected. Whiplash, a neck and spinal injury, is one of the most common injuries that happen due to a sudden and rapid force that moves the neck backwards and forwards beyond its normal limits. The sudden motion causes neck strain and damage to muscles and ligaments, and potentially also the vertebral bones, nerves, and discs of the spine. 

For some people symptoms will show up right after the accident, such as neck pain and stiffness, headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, sleep disturbances and difficulty remembering or concentrating. Other people feel fine following an accident. They might be experiencing some stiffness and not think much of it, but symptoms will most likely appear later down the road. Studies have shown that going at 5-10mph is enough to cause injury to the cervical spine in case of an accident (article). 

The high impact of a car accident causes instability in the muscles and ligaments, which if left untreated results in abnormal loading of the spine over time. This will eventually affect the structure of the vertebrae, which can put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, resulting in pain and loss of function. Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or not, it’s extremely important that you see a chiropractor immediately after an accident to avoid the risk of chronic pain and discomfort in the future. 

In auto accident chiropractic we examine your spine as a whole using different diagnostic techniques to identify areas of spinal misalignment, restricted range of motion, injury to the disc(s), muscle tension, and ligament strain. The goal of the chiropractic adjustment is to correct misalignments, which restores range of motion, takes pressure off the musculoskeletal system and brings down inflammation. The right help and guidance will optimize your immediate and long-term health after an accident, and ensure a safe, healthy and fast recovery!

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