During pregnancy the female body goes through a tremendous amount of structural and hormonal changes over a relatively short period of time. The belly grows, the body is changing in new ways, and the center of gravity shifts. It’s a beautiful and exciting time that can also feel overwhelming, creating tension patterns in the body that impacts the function of the mother’s nervous system and her musculoskeletal system.

The pelvis forms the base of the spine and is the main structure that “holds” the baby throughout pregnancy. The hormone relaxin is released in great amounts when a woman is pregnant, which softens the ligaments responsible for stabilizing the pelvis. The increased laxity helps prepare the body for childbirth but can also make the joints unstable and cause pain and discomfort. As the uterus grows to create the right environment for the developing fetus, the center of gravity shifts. The pelvis then tilts forward resulting in an exaggerated curve in the lower back. This is a major reason why low back pain and sciatica is so common during pregnancy. Prenatal Chiropractic care supports the mother through pregnancy by making sure her body is aligned and adapting well to its new way of being. 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, pelvic misalignments can also lead to reduced intrauterine space (room in the womb), which is why many babies present breech or transverse. The baby will innately move around and try to position itself head down in preparation for birth. However, limited space due to pelvic imbalance and decreased range of motion can make it difficult and uncomfortable for the baby to move into the right position. 

Dr. Bo, your Hillcrest prenatal chiropractor, is well-versed in the Webster Technique (will be certified immediately), a pregnancy specific technique that focuses on ensuring balance in the pelvis and taking pressure off the lumbosacral spine. Not only does this reduce pain, optimize the nervous system, and create space for the baby to develop and be healthy, but Webster Technique has also shown an 82% success rate in turning babies in breech position (pregnancy association article).

Chiropractic is a safe, gentle and non-invasive way of working with the mother’s body to optimize her nervous system and biomechanics, ensuring a more comfortable pregnancy and facilitating an uncomplicated labor and delivery.

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