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      I've seen Dr. Bo multiple times, and I am very pleased with the results of his care! He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with about my health concerns. He has not only helped ease my back pain from repetitively lifting heavy objects at work, but was also able to relive a seemingly weird ailment with my ears that was putting a serious strain on my daily activities. I was having random severe pain in my ears that was radiating out to the cartilage of my ears. He performed a stretching technique on my ears, and I was symptom free within 15 minutes. Needless to say I am extremely impressed with Dr. Bo as a chiropractor and highly recommended him to others searching to better their health for the long run!

    thumb Robert J.

      honestly I have experienced insane changes over two months only! my energy level went up tremendously which allowed me to exercise regularly ( i always felt fatigue and tired before coming here and rarely exercised because of that ) .. I rarely have headaches or neck pain even when I sleep on the couch =) .. I'm really very grateful for starting adjusting my back and neck with Dr Bo. not only did he ease the pain i had but he also explained everything that is going on in my body to help me understand why i feel everything that i do ( daily shoulders and neck pain, headaches, fatigue, lack of concentration, etc)
    and last but not least, who doesn't enjoy seeing friendly faces and big beautiful smiles every time they walk in !? everyone here is so sweet and friendly ALL THE TIME !!

    thumb Aishah A.

      My go to Chiropractor. Dr. Boris is the man. A great adjuster and a great guy. As a Chiropractor myself I'm picky on who I see. Dr Boris always gives me the right adjustment that I need. Five stars all the way go see this guy!

    thumb Angel O.


      I received an initial assessment from Dr. Cicak (Dr. Bo) back on April 17. He and his staff were very friendly and made me feel extremely welcome. Dr. Bo explained the current issues with my spine thoroughly, and outlined a program going forward that made complete sense and was most affordable. Since then I have received 7 adjustment sessions with Dr. Bo and have already begun to realize the benefits. No more headaches and I feel overall better physically. I'm looking forward to continuing my treatment and feeling younger every day. Thank you Dr. Bo! 😉

    thumb Ted Hallowell

      Dr. Boris and his staff are amazing and professional. They have changed my life since my first adjustment. They don't just give you treatment, they will make every effort to address the issue and solve it. Everyone is very positive, motivated, and enjoy helping others and changing their lives. I have more energy now, my back has gotten a lot better I've been back at the gym and cycling as well

    thumb Joel Vasquez

      I've had scoliosis since my early teens, so I've always lived with mild back pain. Over the last couple of months, I developed pain in my upper arm and neck that was bothering me on a daily basis. I finally decided to do something about it and contacted Dr. Bo's office. I have to say, from the moment I first walked in, I've continued to be impressed. The staff is amazing, warm, welcoming, and personable. Dr. Bo is just as amazing. He is extremely knowledgable and informative, and it's clear that he's passionate about what he does (which is why he excels in his field). I won't lie: I was nervous about having adjustments, but his confidence and knowledge put me at ease. Although we have more work to do (chronic issues don't resolve overnight), I am pleased that my symptoms have already improved noticeably. I would recommend him to any one in a heartbeat!

    thumb Courtney Priestas