Visiting A Chiropractor For Headaches

If you’re a sufferer of tension headaches, you know how aggravating and frustrating they can be. People dealing with tension headaches often describe the pain as a tight band around their forehead like a dull, pressurized ache that can last between a few minutes and a few days. The main cause of tension headaches is stress but they can also be caused by poor diet, a lack of sleep or sitting at the computer for long period of time. One of the most prevalent causes of tension heachaches are subluxations in the upper back and neck. Chiropractic treatments are the best way to correct these subluxations and treat these types of heachaches so that they can be cured completely and won’t persist anymore.

Chiropractic Care for Headaches

Can a chiropractor help with headaches? Although tension headaches are most commonly treated with chiropractic treatment, migraines and cluster headaches also can benefit from such treatments.

Tension headaches are associated with stress and can be a direct result of misaligned posture and subluxations in the neck. A report released from Duke University found that “spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than commonly prescribed medications.” Many other studies continually show the benefit of spinal manipulation in curing headaches in comparison to taking pain medication.

If you visit a chiropractor for headaches, the chiropractor ​will focus mainly on the upper two cervical vertebrae and will adjust the part between the cervical and thoracic spine. Treatment is usually quick and would require only a few follow ups or until the pain is completely gone.

Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches

Trigger point therapy is also an option in curing headaches. Trigger point therapy is a mixture of massage and chiropractic treatment that will alleviate these problem areas and will relax the muscular trigger points causing your headaches. The muscles that most commonly affect headaches are the splenius muscles, trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, and the suboccipitals. These muscles are all located at the base of the spine and upper back which is where most people hold the majority of their tension. With a few treatments, these muscles groups will begin to relax and you will notice less pain and hopefully your headache issues will be solved completely.

​Visiting a chiropractor in San Diego or anywhere else for trigger point therapy or regular adjustments will no doubt help your chronic headaches. But there are other things you can do to start the healing process and prevent your headaches from triggering. How do you avoid triggering your headaches?

  • Avoiding certain foods and odors may be a factor in reducing your headache pain.
  • Take note of emotional problems such as depression and anxiety that may be contributing to your headaches and would need a different treatment.
  • Avoid nitrites which is a preservative present in deli meats.
  • Avoid MSG which is a preservative found in soy sauce, meat tenderizer and chinese takeout.
  • Be sure there are no chemical leaks or gas leaks in your home as headaches can be caused from exposure to chemicals like lead, carbon tetrachloride and petrol.

Everyone gets headaches. Whether you’re seeking out a sports medicine chiropractor, a prenatal chiropractor or maybe you just need a basic family chiropractic massage. Chiropractic medicine can do wonders in relieving and ultimately curing tension headaches.

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