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When you schedule an exam with our family chiropractor, Dr. Boris Cicak, you will receive:


Full Orthopedic Exam




Full Neurological Exam


Computerized Spinal Analysis


Pain Assessment


X-Rays (If Necessary)

Over $260 In Savings. Does Not Include An Adjustment.

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    review rating 5  Dr. Bo is an amazing chiropractor and all the people that work on staff are friendly. I am an extreme case of neck pain and back issues from 12 car accidents and felt hopeless until I walked into Dr. Bo’s office a few months ago. I couldn’t sleep without crying some nights from the feeling of pins and needles in my neck. Since I’ve been getting treated daily, except on weekends, I have been pain free. Yes, pain free without taking any pills. My back hurts a little more at certain times of the month and when I get a adjustment (prefer them early in the morning) I can actually go about my day feeling no pain, have more flexibility and movement from becoming more aligned and much much happier. Like I mentioned, I’m an extreme case; but if Dr. Bo can heal me, he can heal anyone from pain. I believe in his ability and desire to help people. All I can say is I’m blessed to have Dr. Bo help me on my healing journey. Everyone should have a chiro like him in their lives. I absolutely and whole heartedly believe that Dr. Bo will be the reason I get healthier as I age.

    thumb Dareen Nasser

    review rating 5  I’m a liver transplant survivor winning my life back from hospice. I’m also in Kidney failure and waiting for a kidney transplant. I’ve had 3 cases of bone cancer. This started at age 17 & I just turned 40 now so lucky and blessed to be here. I went into to Dr. Bo for help with serious pain problems. After the first two weeks of treatment I could bend down and tie my shoes with ease!! I sleep through the night more and more. Dr. Bo is slowly changing my life!!! I’ve become a patient for life and cannot wait for a exciting physical future. I’m an adrenaline junkie so in time I’ll be able to even exercise again thanks to this amazing man!!! He is a Dr. that deeply cares and you will feel like a friend!!! Positivity and light will guide your way to be a better version of yourself. Let Dr. Bo help be that guide for you!!! I promise you won’t regret it!! Thanks Dr. Bo!! Robbie Philip Parks

    thumb robbie parks

    review rating 5  Dr. Bo has help change my life. His knowledge, experience and support has helpped me transform my health and life. The pain of a hip discomfort was a reason I would not exercise. After a few months with Dr. Bo the pain went away and I started working towards a overall healthier life. I am 27 lbs lighter and feel amazing. I am looking forward to so much more! Having Dr. Bo in your comer when seeking a healthier life is the best decision you can ever make!

    thumb Michael Huesca

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