All athletes, whether professional, amateur or a weekend warrior, rely on optimal function in order to perform at their best. The balance of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system plays an important role in sports performance, injury prevention, recovery time and overall optimal function. 

The nervous system is protected by the spinal column. It’s in charge of all bodily functions by sending nerve signals back and forth between the brain and all the different systems in the body. It also controls proprioception, reaction time, and reflexes which are all extremely important functions. The physical impact of sport and exercise can cause stress on the body and spinal misalignments, resulting in decreased nerve conduction and loss of function. On the other hand, when the spine is in its proper alignment the nerve signals flow freely, which maximizes function, performance and recovery, while preventing injury.

In addition to housing the nervous system, the spine also anchors a lot of important muscles that makes it possible for us to be in an upright position and move the way that we do. When the spine is out of alignment, it can irritate the muscles that attach to it and result in muscle spasms, muscle imbalances, and inflammation. Adjusting the spine and bringing it back to its proper position takes stress off the muscles as well as the nervous system. The result is reduced inflammation, proper joint biomechanics, and improved range of motion so you can go about your day pain free and giving it your all during your training sessions! 

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