I'm not impressed! It took two visits to get an outrageous quote, it wasn't the price that turned me away. It's the egotism of Dr. Bo I've been in the medical field for years and no expert should think of themselves so highly. it's just dangerous. I asked him if he knew of any orthopedic surgeons in town, and he goes on saying he doesn't, but with what he does all these issues will be addressed. He talked, but didn't listen. He genuinely doesn't care, he's charming but it's not genuine.

    I'm surprised to see his reviews on yelp, but I wouldn't doubt if he has asked friends or family to write a review.

    Plenty of other chiropractors out there that respect their limitations and aren't in it for the money.

    thumb R-- Z.

      Self care is under-rated and I often how very important it is to take care of my mental and physical well being. This office has it all from actually healing pain from root source to the pleasant and professional staff. I get adjusted by both Dr. Bo and Dr. Marc and can't emphasize how important their chiro treatment is in my life. I no longer need to take pain meds bcuz an adjustment a day or a week will quickly resolve that pain. It's so easy to sign in when u arrive - it's on an iPad. How cool is that?!? Try this place and I know u won't go anywhere else.

    thumb Dareen N.

      I have been seeing Dr. Bo for the past 4 months and have seen a tremendous amount of improvement. I have seen my primary physician several times over the years for shoulder pain, low back pain, & knee pain, who referred me to physical therapy. PT has not helped, and seemed to make my shoulder pain worse. I sought out Dr. Bo for back and neck pain and he has been doing adjustments, instructing me on the use of a foam roller, foam blocks, massage ball, and foundation training. I think it was a combination of all the above that has contributed to the improvement in my back, shoulder, neck, and knee pain. I have only minimal discomfort in these areas now, whereas before it was difficult to get out of bed or go to the gym. It has been over a year since I have felt this good and I feel that with continued work, my pain will be eliminated.

    thumb John C.


    review rating 5  Dr.Bo from Life Within Chiropractic has improved my life. I had no idea how bad my stiff neck and misaligned spine had affected my life until I visited Dr. Bo. The adjustments and advice he has given me throughout my treatment have helped me become a better driver(because before I had to rely on my blind spot monitor as I couldn’t turn my head to check my blind spots) and a nicer person because I’m not crabby as often as I’m no longer in constant pain. The appointments are short and he helps me relax and get the most of my visits by distracting me when he’s about to adjust. I highly recommend him to anyone who is anxious about visiting the chiropractor.

    thumb Kimberly Gasca

    review rating 5  I started getting adjustments from Dr Bo in June of this year when I was in San Diego part-time and he’s probably the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. What I love about him the most is the positivity he brings to each session which I found makes a big difference in my mood. I always feel better getting off the table than before, so thanks Dr Bo!

    thumb Kevin Pasco

    review rating 5  I’ve been living in pain for years. I have been with Dr. Bo for one month and I can see the improvement already. Dr. Bo is more then just a chiropractor he is a listener and develops a plan that works for you. I highly recommend Dr. Bo.

    thumb Aaron Bianco

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