My go to Chiropractor. Dr. Boris is the man. A great adjuster and a great guy. As a Chiropractor myself I'm picky on who I see. Dr Boris always gives me the right adjustment that I need. Five stars all the way go see this guy!

    thumb Angel O.

      I can't say enough great things about Dr. Bo! I was always a bit skeptical about chiropractic medicine before finally taking the dive several months ago. From the very first visit Dr. Bo has made me feel at ease with something I was once quite terrified of. Being an avid cross-fitter I am consistently putting my body through strenuous workouts. Ever since getting routine adjustments from Dr. Bo I have noticed great reduction in my aches and pains, plus significant improvements in my recovery, mobility, and overall athletic performance. Plus, I haven't caught a single cold and have had enormous amounts of energy -- both side effects which were unexpected bonuses! Dr. Bo's professionalism, magnetic positivity and contagious energy are also what make him stand out from others. I'd give 6 stars if I could!

    thumb Lindsay B.

      Since my teens I have been dealing with severe migraines on and off. They would get so bad that I would stay in my dark room and sleep until it goes away. I was getting sick of taking medication and even though I was skeptical I finally decided to give chiropractic a try after a friend told me about Dr. Bo. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for always being so positive and welcoming! I have been migraine free for months now and I can enjoy life finally. If you are suffering from migraines go see Dr. Bo!!

    thumb Claire B.


    review rating 5  Dr. Bo is an extremely charismatic individual who genuinely enjoys sharing his knowledge and the pursuit of health and wellness with his patients. I work in a corporate environment but grew up playing sports and always thought Chiropractors were for people who had been involved in accidents. A friend recently introduced me to Dr. Bo who then invited me to come by for an adjustment and I soon learned just how beneficial a regularly scheduled visit was for improving my posture and my overall well-being. After just a few visits the pain and soreness I've felt from impacted related stress on my body has almost entirely disappeared. Aside from being an outstanding Chiropractor, Dr. Bo can offer great advice on nutrition, exercise and mental health habits. He truly deserves the 5-star rating he has and is the only Chiropractor I would recommend to friends and family! Thank you Dr. Bo!

    thumb Alex Politis

    review rating 5  Dr. Bo is an amazing chiropractor and all the people that work on staff are friendly. I am an extreme case of neck pain and back issues from 12 car accidents and felt hopeless until I walked into Dr. Bo’s office a few months ago. I couldn’t sleep without crying some nights from the feeling of pins and needles in my neck. Since I’ve been getting treated daily, except on weekends, I have been pain free. Yes, pain free without taking any pills. My back hurts a little more at certain times of the month and when I get a adjustment (prefer them early in the morning) I can actually go about my day feeling no pain, have more flexibility and movement from becoming more aligned and much much happier. Like I mentioned, I’m an extreme case; but if Dr. Bo can heal me, he can heal anyone from pain. I believe in his ability and desire to help people. All I can say is I’m blessed to have Dr. Bo help me on my healing journey. Everyone should have a chiro like him in their lives. I absolutely and whole heartedly believe that Dr. Bo will be the reason I get healthier as I age.

    thumb Dareen Nasser

    review rating 5  First off, before seeing Dr. Bo I was a skeptic to the word chiropractor and everything associated with it. I first met Dr. Bo at one of his wellness classes, my friend brought me to. I was out of work on disability for carpal tunnel. My physical therapist, the NursePractitioner, and everyone treating me had mentioned that seeing a chiropractor may be beneficial for my treatment but I was scared to death at the thought of someone twisting my neck and could only think of childhood video games like mortal combat or similar scenarios from fighting movies and could only imagine the thought of becoming permanently disabled because I moved or flinched while being adjusted, either way I was very scared of the whole chiropractic industry in general. With that said the wellness class was very inspirational and just what I needed in my life at that time. After the class Dr. Bo introduced himself and urged me to come in for an evaluation. I explained to him how hesitant I was and my fears and he was very understanding and assured me he wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. So I scheduled my first appointment. My evaluation showed everything that my doctors had been trying to treat me for practically my whole life with little to no luck, all things that I had basically accepted as my way of life. Dr Bo said something to me that made me feel hopeful for a pain free future. He said no one should have to deal with pain like that on a daily basis. He said that’s not normal. I thought to myself, that’s not normal? It had been normal to me for so long that, the thought of it not being normal made me feel optimistic of a “normal life” Since being treated by him my pain level has drastically improved and he’s so sweet and trustworthy, and down to earth. He can relate to you on a personal level which I almost feel is not possible with any other medical professional. Let me also say my old views on chiropractors were all wrong, (nothing like the video games or movies) AND Dr Bo is so warm and made me feel so comfortable that on our second session I let him adjust my neck which he told me he wouldn’t touch until I was ready, which was a big deal because I was very protective of my neck and had lots of anxiety about. I absolutely love Dr Bo, not only has he helped me physically he’s helped me grow mentally and spiritually. I owe so much to Dr Bo. He cares about the health of his patients and doesn’t make you feel like it’s all about the money like other professionals do, he genuinely cares about his patients and it shows, he’s always educating and enlightening and encouraging everyone around him. I highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of an adjustment, physically, mentally, or whatever. Go see this doctor, he will change your life, he’s changed mine!

    thumb Diane Torres

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