Dr Bo is an exceptional chiropractor! He listens to your needs, gives great postural advice and insight and truly cares about his patients. Him and the office group are a ton of fun. Very open and accepting and a unique office. Not your normal chiropractic experience! A must go!

    thumb Katie S.

      Dr. Bo is an extraordinary chiropractor and friend. He is a lifelong student and teacher of health and wellness. I began receiving treatment from him while he was studying at Lifewest Chiropractor College. Each session we spent together brought healing and teaching into my mind and body. Dr. Bo's energy is always very positive and up-lifting. He is very caring and really takes the time to get to know his patients. All of these are standout traits but the one that takes Dr. Bo over the top is his level of professionalism. His ability to help people with their adjustments and to reaffirm why he is doing it is very reassuring. He is always a pleasure to be around.

    thumb Derek D.

      I really enjoy going to see Dr.Bo at his office. I have scoliosis which causes constant back pain and I always feel so much better after the adjustments! It's great!!

    thumb Lulu L.


    review rating 5  I became acquainted with the Life Within Chiropractic office through a health fair my employer held two years ago; however, I never made the decision to go. A couple of weeks ago, I started experiencing a sharp pain running down my right leg, and I decided to give the office a call to make an appointment and met with Dr. Boris Cicak. I was warmly greeted by the office team and was met with wonderful customer service. Dr. Boris Cicak and the Life Within Team were very informative and caring as they covered their process and procedures. Turns out I had a bit more issues going on that I thought and the team was very helpful in getting me started down the path of physical improvement. After just two adjustments, I started noticing the pain in my right wrist, which I believed to be the early stages of carpal tunnel, had all but disappeared! What?!? I didn’t go in for my wrist pain, but I was now realizing how much my misalignment was affecting other areas of my body. Not only was I now experiencing relief in my wrist, but I started noticing that I was falling asleep a lot quicker and waking up feeling rested, which I thought was wonderful since I usually take melatonin to help me sleep, not anymore! I’m now three weeks into my chiropractic sessions, and I can definitely feel the difference in my body from mobility to wellness! After every session I feel a surge of energy and alertness as if I had a couple of shots of espresso. I’m not much of a runner, but I feel like I could tackle a run! The changes in my physical health are absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in 5 months. I’m very excited to also learn more about health and wellness through their upcoming health meeting. I would definitely recommend Dr. Boris Cicak and the Life Within Chiropractic office. Treating the root of the cause of pain and physical issues is much better than treating the symptoms. Thank you Dr. Boris Cicak and the Life Within team!

    thumb Jochebed Garcia

    review rating 5  After having lower back issues for several years I finally decided to see a chiropractor. I’ve been going through a treatment for a little over two months now and I have experienced a tremendous change as a result!!! My mobility/ flexibility has been the best it’s been in many years! I’ve learned how to strengthen my back and improve my posture. Their team is extremely professional and so welcoming! Living a healthier lifestyle and enjoying every minute of it!

    thumb Eddie Mijares

    review rating 5  I am the owner of KOR North Park and we recently hosted Dr. Bo for his "Bulletproof Your Back" seminar. Can't say enough good things about Dr. Bo. He's polite, professional, and knowledgeable. What I really like is his focus on movement. His joint health philosophy aligns perfectly with ours and centers around improving our ability to perform by increasing our capacity to move through range of motion and strength in end-range capability. At KOR, we want to improve our members lives by enhancing their ability to do things inside and outside of the gym and maintaining spinal and joint health are part of our strategy to keep people moving and moving well.

    thumb Daniel Bettcher

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